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Dear friends,
I've problemns in prit my file in format blooket four pages double side.
This format it very usefull to bind a book.
You know who I may do it?


Most PDF viewers have the option for bookled printing. Even som printer drivers have support for it.

There are also other software out there that can turn a PDF into something suitable for booklet printing.

Scribus does not have support for it, so you need to solve it after having created your PDF.


If You have configured a PDF-printer-driver in Your system chances are that You can tell it to print a certain number of pages per sheet. So You can get an output PDF file with the desired properties.



Hi Jesus, quick question is it four pages or sheets. 4 pages = 1 sheet, 4 sheets is 16 pages. You can manually impose them simply.

Page #s Imposed 4 pages then 16 pages:

04  01
02  03
16  01
02  15
14  03
04  13
12  05
06  11
10  07
08  09



There are a few options. One of the installable ones is 'Booklet Imposer' which I've used for years on Linux. I'll be surprised if it isn't available for Windows or Apple.

There are a number of online options but I'm not at my computer and can't recall the URLs off the top of my head. Search for 'imposer' or 'imposition'.