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I am new to Scribus

I wish to add a space before and after an image frame box only. Not to the left or right sides.

I'm using Scribus 1.5.8.
I'm using Catalina 10.15.7 on a Mac powerbook

I've found the properties box.
I've found the shapes box.
I've ticked 'Edit contour line' in the Nodes panel.

I am offered the choice of 'Enlarge the size of the path by the shown value'.

Am I in the right place? Is this the correct work flow?

Grateful to receive guidance and help from forum members.


I can only offer you what I do. Sometimes pictures and text are impossible. To close to each other. What you can do is inserting a text frame above the image and below the image. With F2 you can modify the properties. So if necessary you can insert a picture title above or below  the picture. Leaf the other or even both empty. If you insert text in the text frame you can opt for margins of 1mm around or so for lining up with the rest of the text. In the shape tab you can choose how text will flow around the picture or text frame. Choose bounding box. Do the same for the picture frame. Next you can bind the three frames together with group CTRL+G. You have to repeat the steps for the flow of text around the combination, again choose bounding box. Now you have a picture with above and below a white space which you can select/decide how big that space need to be. If you don't like the setup you first have to ungroup the combination. Now you can go in the properties of each separate frame and adjust what you want. When ready you have to group them again. Just try it, no software program today is perfect, so you have to make your own workingmethode and work around problems you face, its like a dice, every time you throw the  dice a different number will come up. So is it with you problem, try another way of looking at the problem and try another solution. After all this is a computer program and if you fail or make a mess of it you can just start all over. The only damage you have is loss of time. You win however that you now know how not to do it. Hope this helps a little.