4mm added when generating PDF

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Hi there,

I encounter problems when generating my document in PDF, the result shows me a PDF with 4mm more!

my document is 210mmx148mm plus 5mm bleed per side.
Here is what I have at the "prepress" level:
I only checked "cut lines".
My PDF should total:
220mmx168mm, but the PDF makes it 224mmx172mm :(

I looked everywhere and don't understand where these extra 4mm come from.

Without crop lines, the document is 210x148.

Thank you for your answers and have a nice day!



Just a guess, when you add crop marks, there is an option to offset these marks from the edge of the document to make it easier to cut the pages correctly. I would check this first. By adding this offset it would make the pdf page larger but the artwork would remain the same size.





Thank you for your reply, but The gap of the crop is allready at 0mmm  ???

the screenshot is in french, but I guess that you have the same in your language :)

Thanks for the reply !


--------- edit :

OH my gooooooooooooooood !!!

Just found the problem !!

The lehgth of the crop is 7mm, my bleed is 5mm. 7-5=2 2x2=4 mm

I've put the length at 5mm.

Problem solved ...

Thanks mnawij !  :)


Yes, the bleed only controls how far outside the page edge the content goes, the crop marks will usually extend outside the bleed area (if they are large enough)