No Color in PDF Documents

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I, too, have taken the time to search through all 21 pages of the forum.  But have not seen any like what I am experiencing.  So here I am, asking for my first time in this forum.

Over the last few days, I finally created a DVD cover that meets everyone's liking.  It contains the standard titles, one .prn graphic on the front, a vertical edge title, and a list of credits on the back.  All of this is down on one sheet (slightly smaller than an 8.5 X 11.00 sheet of paper).  The graphic is done in an odd shade of brown ( hex d4c3b5).  We wanted that color of brown to continue over the entire cover except for the area of the credits (which would remain white).

At one time yesterday, I had it created (on-screen) in Scribus 1.5.7  and exported to a .PDF, displaying in (Aug. 23, 2023 version of) Adobe Reader, and printing (in black and white) on my HP LaserJet MFP M28-M31 Printer.  But then I added the credits to the back side of the document (or did something else that I don't remember), and all the color stopped showing up in the .PDF document that Adobe Reader was displaying.

Gone was all the color (except for the color in the .prn graphic contained on the right-hand side of the page).  The original color instructions for Scribus were put in "Files/Preferences/Display/Colors/Page Fill".  This is where (correct or not) I have put color commands in the past and have had no problems.  Therefore, I don't know whether this is the right place to put color printing commands.

So, like most of us, the project was due "yesterday," and I am under a little bit of pressure to "get it done or else".  Your help would be appreciated.