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Text error when exporting to pdf

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Hello !

I've recently started using scribus. I am having troubles once I have exported the documents. All the letters I of the text of my documents appear bold once I export and creat the pdf file.

Any ideas where could be the problem?

Thank you !

Lets start with, " What font you are using?"

Hello !

thanks for you answer,


I created a style with arial font, and applied it to all the text in the document.

Can you show us a sceen capture of the style settings you created? Attach an image r=to your reply.

The issue usually relates to lost hinting information. If you zoom in or print the documents the letters I will most likely look as intended, it is just when they are displayed in a lower resolution hinting is needed.

Why the hinting information is lost is harder to know, potentially it is caused by the font being converted to outlines. Look at the font information in the PDF, does it say Arial or does it say something else?


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