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Import MS-Word file?


How do I import a MS-Word file into Scribus?

have you tried opening the file after creating a text frame on the page, using the right click on the frame and selecting get content?

Ok, thanks!

a bit of an update, found this in the scribus documentation
 (Open) XML Paper Specification (XPS, OXPS)
The stellar ascent of XML and the related use of ZIP containers for complex XML-based documents with multiple types of content (e.g. OpenDocument) resulted in the development of an XML-based container format called XML Paper Specification (XPS) by Microsoft. XPS isn’t as versatile as PDF and focuses very much on the original purpose of PostScript/PDF, which is describing the content of pages as precisely as possible. XPS files allow for different color models (RGB, CMYK, spot colors) and font embedding. However, in contrast to PostScript and PDF, XPS doesn’t support the legacy [/color]PostScript font format[/font][/url], only TTF and OTF fonts. In 2009, Microsoft transferred the further development of the specification to the standardization body ECMA International, which has added significant changes and also renamed the file extension to OXPS. Since then, the formats are no longer compatible, but Scribus can import both versions. One of the biggest advantages of XPS/OXPS is its support of most, if not all, graphics features of MS Office components, so Scribus users can reliably import and modify documents created by MS Word or MS PowerPoint if XPS/OXPS is being used as an exchange format


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