Scribus bug no one cares to fix

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I don't know how to report a bug, and this one has already been reported before. But it has not been fixed.

Windows and palettes are too big for 1366 x 768 screen. It makes Scribus unusable. There is a solution, but it doesn't work for every window. I am on Ubuntu, and I am using Scribus

The excuse is that it is not a Scribus problem. This bug has been reported soooooooo many times though. One would think that a solution would have been found by now. Resizing these windows doesn't work, as there is a minimum size, but for the most part, it can be corrected by editing the prefs150.xml file, which seems to control their minimum size (which makes it seem like it IS INDEED a Scribus problem).

The issue I have, though, is the Style Manager. I can edit its initial size, but when I go to edit a style itself, the window changes in size. Its new size cannot be fixed by editing prefs150.xml, only its initial size can be changed, which has no bearing on the size of the window once I go to edit a given style. It seems to be document based, but I cannot find any document preferences that would control this behavior.

Any ideas?


Hi, have you tried 1.5.8 version.
Maybe it is fixed there


just an idea, maybe you could do a workaround using xrandr

change the virtual display to 1920 x 1080 or something like that