Is there a quick way to assign a ¶/character style while writing/editing?

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Back when I used FrameMaker, I could sail along writing as fast I thought and applying styles with keyboard shortcuts that prompted for the name of a ¶ or character style. I'd enter the first character or two of the style name, hit Return, and be on my way.

Is there a way to do that in Scribus? So far it seems I have to open a separate content properties window and use the pointer (taking my hands from the keyboard) to dig through a pop-up menu of styles.


You should try Tex or LaTex with a code editor, they offer what you are looking for.


a few years ago, i've created a plugin that does it:

- you need to compile scribus yourself and then add this plugin in the source code.
- i have not tested it in a while, so i'm not sure it still compiles with the current code.
- it's a bit rough but, if you get it to compile, it should work.