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Missing folders in file manager when importing anything

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--- Quote from: DutchiePlays on September 22, 2022, 11:23:49 pm ---I know I have to scroll horizontally. The folders are sorted alphabetically. It's the newest folders and files that are missing. As if it doesn't check for changes to the files and folders since installing Scribus. Changing the sorting to vertical did not help unfortunately. I couldn't find the column header button though.

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I jus realised the headers show up in the vertical ordering view. Changing those doesn't help though.

For further clarification: The folder that is missing is a folder in OneDrive and OneDrive is fully synchronised. I can access this folder from anywhere but Scribus.

I wouldn't use scribus with cloud folders, things tend to go wrong, try setting up a normal folder, see that scribus works as expected, then if you must have onedrive backup that folder without changing the folders location

yeah fog computing is always iffy. move those needed files to a local drive and see if the issue persists.The next thing would be to check the settings for the onedrive folder, and see if there are any settings for refreshing the directory listing.

I was apparently looking in an old OneDrive back-up folder. I found the right folder and that fixed it. Sorry for wasting your time.  :o


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