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Hello, I am an old-time FrameMaker user and I am checking out Scribus. I have not yet found a way to have it automatically add a new page when the current page's  text frame fills up. This was trivial in FrameMaker so I'm at a bit of a loss. I've been through the online wiki docs and not spotted anything yet.

Just start a new document with i.e. 50 pages, set up the text frame(s) in the »Document Setup« and then paste your text. As soon as all text is importet, delete the empty pages at the end of the document.

Paste my text? I need to write my text. In FrameMaker, I would start up with one page, and as I wrote, I got new pages added, no hassle, no fuss. I don't know ahead of time how many pages I'm going to write. if I have to add a new page manually every time I hit the end of one, it's going to be a real hassle to write & edit anything using this program.

Scribus is NOT a text editor, it is a page layout program.

Use a simple text editor to write your story, copy all content and insert it into the text frames of n pages as explained above.

I did point out in my original post that I was coming from FrameMaker, which does both text editing and page layout (and more) quite well. Scribus's name is derived from Latin for writing, and its icon is a pen, so one could certainly expect someone to think it would some support for writing.

It just amazes me that this fundamentally broken workflow model—in the literal sense of a break in flow—persists, where any revision of text requires a laborious transfer and reapplication of formatting, cross references, checking for overflow, and more.


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