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Howto handle images when inlined into my textfield


I start using Scribus now, I know many tools like Quark/Freehand/Indesign etc.

What I want to achieve:

 - Images not placed "statically" on the page, instead "dynamically" floating with my text.

What I achieved so far:

1) Create a text box, put some example text.
2) Create image box, select any image into it
3) CUT (ctrl-x) the image box
4) put text cursor in some line of the example text
5) PASTE the image (ctrl-v)

=> I See the image is treated like a character and floats well with my text,

* it has the height of 1 line (sure it is a character) and therefore covers upper lines
* EPIC FAIL: I cannot select the image anymore to resize etc. It is even not shown in the document structure anymore.

Why I want to achieve that?
Hundreds of pages; text and layout not statically defined, text parts associated to image, so I need locality between text and images.

I am afraid this feature is just not implemented (I use latest version 1.4.8 on PC)
Any plugin for that use case?

thanks for your support

wonder if it works better on the more recent latest version 1.5.8? worth a try with a duplicate file

I would suggest using another software if you want your contents to flow freely. Scribus is mainly designed as a page layout program (i.e. where you decide the design of each page), and while there are some workarounds I do not think it is optimal to use Scribus for such a document.

Have a go at for example Libre Office Writer.


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