Can I use the eye dropper to choose a color from a text ?

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Sometimes I would need to choose the very right color used in a box to be used in a text, but sometimes I might need it in the opposite way, from a text color, create box with that very same color used in the text. Can the eye dropper be used to choose colors in text and not only from geometric shapes ?

Thanks ;)


the dropper will create a color based on the (average) color below the cursor...

so, yes, it will work, but it's not a good idea to do so, since the text already has a color and you can just use that color from the drop down list and apply it to the shape.

it's even less of a good idea, since you probably won't get the right color because of the text smoothing done by the renderer...


Hi, sorry I did not expose the feature correctly at that time, and I am now facing the very same issue in a project I'm trying to work on.
What I meant is:
Is it possible to choose a color (using the eye drop) in order to be added to a text ?
then, if not, is it any other practical way to copy a color used on a polygon (for example) and use the very same color values in a text ?
Thanks a lot for any feedback.


The same answer from a.l.e applies, just select the same color that the polygon is using and apply it to the text.