IndigoUI: Dock Manager and Layout Framework

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Hi all,

I remember a post from MrB expressing his wish that the various docks in Scribus could be arranged side by side.,1617.msg8842/topicseen.html#msg8842

Currently, the standard Qt Dock framework is limited and you can only place (or stack) one panel to the left and one to the right of the central widget, but not several next to it. The same applies to floating docks.

The IndigoUI docking system I developed years ago couldn't do that either. A complete in-house development is probably also not expedient and rather a waste of resources.

In search of an alternative to Scribus I found a solid framework.
See here:

I also started some tests right away and would just suggest this as a useful extension for Scribus.

What do you think?



I have now imported Qt ADS into Scribus code. :)