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Hi all,

I have collected and tried to solve some problems with the current Scribus iconset.
- Icons are too small for 4k screens (static PNGs)
- Icons have to be specially adapted (recolored) for a dark UI theme.

As a solution, I thought of replacing all icons with SVG files and automating the icon coloring based on the UI theme.

The basis of this concept comes from Inkscape. All icons are SVG based and support both inline styles and embedded CSS files. Separate colors can be set for each icon as it is rendered on a light background or dark background.

If a graphic element in an icon has no color specified by inline style or class, then the current font color of the UI theme is applied to this element. This saves a separate icon set for light and dark backgrounds, since everything can now be configured in one go.

PNG files are still supported and are excluded from automatic changes.

The screenshots below show an example of the toolbar. Icons on a dark background are slightly lighter than on a light background.



Hello---found your response about the icons...I am new to Scribus and spent way too much time trying to find the controls for icon size (there isn't one!). Your solution has produced some nice results. It's still not updated in Scribus, though. Is there any chance that someone in the development team can put this in and issue a minor revision change?



Hi Martin, I hope you're about. I am trying to reach out to see how we can bring this into Scribus 1.7.x. I sent you an email on the weekend. Please reply or reach me at



Hi Craig, I wrote an email.

@$cribu$ currently it is just an idea that I'm developing in a separate project to demonstrate new features.