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Hello. The program is annoyingly usable on 4k screen with those tiny icons in the toolbar. Is there any way to increase the size?.
One of the trademarks of the free software is you can modify it (opposite than windows propietary bla bla...).  Could a person get some support from the developers if you decide/need to do that?. Would definitely be a very welcomed improvement.
Here a 32x32 icon in the toolbar. I guess everybody likes:

[ image not available ]



Hi.  I would just like to chime in and update this.  Long story short, if you want better handling of resolutions, use a recent development version.  I'm adding this reply because this is not obvious, and I've searched for this answer myself.

Let me say that Scribus is such a wonderful addition to the world of open source and I appreciate all that contributors do especially now that Adobe has convinced so many companies to go to these subscription models.  (And many apps on phones are cluttered with advertising.)

This scaling problem has been an issue with Scribus for a very long time.  I remember it from years ago, and in searching for answers to this question, people have been asking about it for over a decade.

The latest official release of Scribus is still 1.4.8 which is from 2019.  As of this writing the latest development version is 1.5.8, which handles different screen resolutions much better.  It seems to be pretty stable for a development release.

In 1.4.6 the icons are tiny and some GUI things are scrunched:

In 1.4.8 by default everything is blurry:

You can make the screen crisp and the icons tiny again by going to the Scribus icon, Properties, Compatibility, DPI settings.  But that doesn't solve the issue.

In 1.5.8 the scaling is better.

However, I see that some have talked about new icons for Scribus 1.7.0.  So it may handle high resolutions even better.

The latest official release of Scribus, 1.4.8, will be five years old in March.  With people nowadays having so many different kinds of monitors, hopefully the team will be able to do an official release soon of a version that plays nice with different resolutions.  I think this is still causing confusion for some people.

Note that files created with 1.5.8 will not work with 1.4.8.  However, you can have both versions installed at the same time if you need to.

As a reminder, almost everyone now should be downloading the 64-bit version.  A lot of times if you simply search, the 32-bit download will come up.  So unless you have a very old computer, you want the one that ends in x64.exe

But anyway, thanks to those who have worked on this.  I hope this post may help to clear up some confusion for someone.



just to be a bit more precise (and concise):

  • if possible, don't use any scribus version from the 1.4 branch.
  • as of 2023, you should use the latest 1.5 or 1.6 version
  • 1.7 is currently the development branch (let's hope that this will not stay true for too long...)

p.s.: thanks sdanscr for the nice and useful comparison!


And for me, working on Fedora 38 on 4K monitor, Scribus 1.7.0.svn looks terrifyingly ugly!!!

Sorry - I have to be brutally honest.


See how it looks before 8 years ago in a video explaining Story Editor


And on mine fancy 4K monitor, Story Editor looks like it is programmed in high school informatics class in 30 minutes or less.

PS: where is Fixed Linespacing increment/decrement widget?!?

I do not like to be rude, but, sorry, I am when I see screen like that.

P.PS: I like the thread



Not sure whats going on with your system however the icons are clearly not showing correctly. With that colour background some other method to detect light or dark UI would need to be found. Please say what version of Qt is in use. Check Scribus "About Qt" menu item. Qt's dark mode detection is improving in some later versions.

Note that 1.7.0 is work in progress. Don't use it for real work right now. Story Editor has not changed in a long time - yes it needs a rewrite.

Martin, who is the author on that thread, is the one primarily working on the UI in 1.7.0.


hi darkoni

while i will not try to claim that the scribus UI is nice, but what you are showing hurts my eyes even more than usual.

this is the same screenshot taken on my computer


beauty is something else... but at least i can look at the monitor while working on my documents...


Hi MrB

Scribus says the version is Qt 6.5.2

And the last Qt stable version, according to Wikipedia, is 6.6 released at 10 October 2023; 27 days ago


Btw, on user friendly web sites you can enable Light / Dark mode according to OS settings.

Or you can specifically select Light mode or Dark mode.

I'd suggest Scribus does the same.

Select mode:

(   ) OS dependant (Light/Dark)
(   ) Light
( * ) Dark


hi darkoni

on linux, scribus will use the qt version that your distribution provides (among the qt 6 ones...).

and for "automatically" switching  between the light and dark modes, it is a nice first patch (if qt can detect it, of course!)


Hi Darkoni,

please, can you tell me what is your OS theme? And can you check how it looks like with the standard adwaita theme?

The base icon color is always the same as the UI text color. The automatic dark/light theme detection is only used to load different color definitions from icon theme, like a dark red instead of a light red and vice versa.

In your case, everything looks like disabled.