Mysterious outline in PDF

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I have tried to make the outline of an image invisible by making it colourless, white, 0% opaque, but nothing worked: a very thin grey line remained. Then I thought it was part of the image itself, so I cropped it a tiny little bit, and it seemed to work at first: both in preview mode and in work mode there was no line anymore. Well, when I zoomed out to 40%, it appeared again on two sides, but when I came closer it seemed to be a fata morgana, and vanished. Then I exported the file to PDF, but here the line showed up again. Same for BMP. I don't know whether it will be visible when I print it.
Any fellow-sufferers? Any ideas? Is this a bug?

(I'm using Scribus 1.4.8 for Mac.)


In most cases this is a display problem. You won't see the lines in the printed document, unless you have made a mistake.