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User Interface - toggle visible/hidden side bar

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I have various "tools windows" added to side bar, and it cannot be shrinked enough when I want to review a double sided document zoomed at 100%. Is there a way to hide this large side panel to improve focus on the document?

For instance if you use Gimp, its UI allows hiding all panels by pressing TAB button, and then make visible again by pressing TAB a second time.
I attached a sample of my screen, the panel I want to hide is the one on the right.

Thanks in advance!

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You can un-dock all the side panels and let them float. then bring the document window to the front fully expanded.That should do what you are looking for.. just not a single click solution

Thank you for your reply, so... bad news.
I wondering why after many years of use and development, that ordinary feature is still missing.
Likely most of users do not need it? May be...

Anyway thanks again, and if there are some other answare about this or how to ask developers so that they could consider adding it to next Scribus versions... will be really appreciated.

hi scriber

you could put it in the bug tracker as a feature request – or, even better, try to resolve it yourself.


All windows should be hidden now by pressing F12.
Seems they fixed this in 1.5.9.svn. I'll try it as soon.

--- Quote ---2022-08-16 14:56 jghali         Fixed in Version          => 1.5.9.svn
--- End quote ---


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