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Hello, I am trying out 1.5.8 on macos Monterey. I understand that it's built using different libraries than native but some of the UI is pretty wonky. (At least it isn't actively hostile like Affinity Publisher.) Disclosure triangles aren't lined up, some UI elements are clipped, some panels are very crowded and hard to parse visually, some icons are cryptic. Nearly everything has a tooltip though, that's nice.

Any mac users have tips on how I can get acclimated? Any surprises or gotchas?

Also I find that scrolling with my trackpad often doesn't work; the view will shift a little, but then pop back to where it was. Using the scrollbars generally works, but sometimes when I resize the window the scrollbar doesn't resize and gets clipped so that I can't get to the scroll thumb.

Is there someplace to file bugs? I looked around on the forums here but didn't see one.


I am on macOS Catalina 10.15.7 (19H2026) and everything looks good so far. Been working with Scribus on a Mac for more than 10 years now, but never experienced your problem.

Maybe Monterey is too outdated or uses a different QT version? I've read somewhere that this might cause problems.

You can file bugs in the Mantis Issue Tracker:


Monterey is the latest version of macos.

Thanks for the link to the bug reporter. Scribus does not appear to have the features I am looking for in writing books, but if I do find a use for it, I might report the bugs I am finding.


Ah, ok, thanks a lot for the version clarification. I really can't remember all the different kinky names for OSX and macOS. ;D