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Changing the default path to fonts



is there a way of telling Scribus to use a specific folder with font files? I don't mean to add additional font paths, but just the opposite: to have Scribus find only a specified folder containing a limited selection of fonts.

Thank you.

There isnt an option like that. However you may find this workaround suitable. In the preferences/fonts the first tab is Available Fonts. There is a check box for each font. You can select what fonts want to see in the when selecting them from the drop down.
While tedious to use if you have a lot of fonts it might work for your situation.

Hi, thank you.

I did find a workaround. In Preferences>Fonts>Available Fonts I unticked each font, which is outside of my desired font folder. After restarting Scribus, only the fonts in the folder I do want to use were available.


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