This beginner is befuddled

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Hello All,  I am an experienced Indesign user and am thrilled to have gotten away from the clutches of them.  I am on a mac using 1.4.8.  I cannot change font color or size using the edit button. And if I go to the properties window for the text box,  it does not allow any changes whatsoever and is basically greyed out.

I didnt consider myself a novice, but I am starting to feel like a certified dummy.  I did go to preferences and chose aqua per the suggestion on the message board.  What am I missing here? All help greatly appreciated!

I just did get the font to change size, after a lot of work, still cannot change font color, I opened properties and then I got a crash of Scribus, something about error #11.  This is really getting to me.   Tough to know if it is operator error or this machine just will not accept Scribus.  This is a Mid-2010 with High Sierra installed  yesterday.  I installed HS cause of the Ghost requirement of at least that OS. 

Ok, things are starting to work a little better after I closed the program and started all over.  If anyone can advise me of potential problems with my old configurations, I would appreciate it.    Like pushing a chain uphill.