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I am a beginner in Scribus and am using version 1.5.8 .After I created a document, I created a text box in it.The text box will contain the header of my document
The header text is a striking font. Via the story-editor can I make an few adjustments. Unfortunately there is no possibility to also make an alignment vertically.
Is there a vertical alignment anyway and if so where can I find it.
Thank you very much for thinking about my problem. This English has been automatically translated from Dutch and may contain some errors. My apologies for that.

Use these tools to align your objects:

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I understood that Scribus could do the same thing as InDesign. But now it turns out that vertical alignment can't be done with buttons like with InDesign. I have found the following website, where they explain how it works in InDesign., The following text has been translated from Dutch  ""Adobe InDesign allows you to align text both horizontally and vertically within a text frame on the page. Horizontal alignment allows you to justify the text to the left, center, or right of the frame, while vertical alignment pushes the text to the top, center, or bottom of the frame. Use InDesign's "Text Frame Options" utility to achieve the text alignment you need for your document.""So I am somewhat disappointed.

It is there.. :) Select your text and then select the Text panel, and look for the Columns & Text Distances, click to expand, first button is the vertical alignment with the top/middle/bottom options you are looking for.

hello AdmFubar,
I am so sorry, but "and look for the Columns & Text Distances, click to expand" I can't find it. In the image what I did. Select the text en select the textframe.
maybe you have another edition, this is 1.5.8. thanks in advance for the explanation.
Kind regards Gjalt.Gjaltema.

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