Paragraph Styles, Difference between "Default..." and "[Default...]" ??

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I have a standard Default Paragraph Style (likewise Character).  I load text from ODT file with its own (different) styles.  I notice that in the Text Properties Pallet that some of the defaults now have brackets.  If I substitute the non-bracket form, there is a change (and I could look in Style Manager to see the differences, but that's not my issue).  Where and why did that bracket version come from?  (I also notice in Text Properties pallet that when I set the Paragraph Style to the non-bracket default, the Character Style takes on a bracket.)  There's some intelligent thing going on here.  What is it??


A quick off the top of my head thought. This scribus default style was replaced with the odt default style and the square brackets are used to indicate that.  It seems reasonable, but i wouldn't count on that being the case without seeing the files in question.
Using Scribus 1.5.8 openSUSE 15.5
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