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--- Quote from: HiddenPlane on July 14, 2022, 05:13:37 am ---My experience trying to get PDF/X-1 or PDF/X-3 formats accepted by a printer who only accepts those formats found that Scribus could not generate suitable formats of either due to the above two issues.
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well, if you really need 1.3 based .pdf files (x-1 or x-3) and use transparencies, you need to export in i more recent format and convert to the 1.3 based .pdf later (flattening the transparencies) with another software. the free 'ghostscript' could do this…


Due either of the two of you have any comment on the question that that I posted just the other day about the lose of the color background when I use Adobe Reader to display the Scibus printer output.  This is not a good explanation of my problem (please read my complete post titled "No color in PDF" and comment if you can help.


Are you using a pantone color in your document?


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