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On 6/13 I released digital versions of my books. I spent all my publisher time since then trying to get the print formats approved by the printer who only accepts PDF/X-1 or PDF/X-3. Scribus failed to generate either format correctly. This was narrowed down to two main issues:

* CID Font Types were not embedded properly.
* Transparency in images was not processed properly below PDF/X-4.
Both of these problems were eliminated by purchasing Affinity Publisher, opening the Scribus-created PDF/X-4, and exporting it to PDF/X-3. It handled the fonts correctly. It handled transparency in images without any distortion, lines, or white space. I liked Scribus. I invested over a year in it, but at the end of the day, I had to pay for Affinity anyway, so it was a waste. I should have bought Affinity upfront and skipped a month of nonstop troubleshooting that ultimately turned out to be Scribus product issues.

Please be aware if you're considering using Scribus for print with a PoD printer and planning an advanced, professional layout, you could run into dead end issues generating PDFs for the printer.

I am printing large format images on LF printer, books, magazines, brochures, etc. for a decade now with Scribus, and never had a problem.

Scribus generates the cleanest PDF code, offering different standards and adhering to the standards like no other software does.

Though I've purchased Affinity Publisher 3 years ago, I've never used it for real world print jobs, because it is too buggy.

Long story short: I assume you don't know anything about pre-press, and even worse, you don't know how to use Scribus.

My experience trying to get PDF/X-1 or PDF/X-3 formats accepted by a printer who only accepts those formats found that Scribus could not generate suitable formats of either due to the above two issues.

If you have experience with those formats around CID font embedding or handling image transparency, would you share it instead of attacking my experience level? As it stands now, DriveThruRPG is deleting all references and support articles for Scribus due to how frequently they run into print PDF generation problems.

That is the problem of the printer. Some of them use a software that requires the word »Adobe« in the PDF header.

If DriveThruRPG is deleting all references to Scribus, you should contact DriveThru. I have had long discussions with some print companies about this topic. When we added the missing keyword in the PDF header, the problems were gone, but I never again used their service, because this proved that they are Adobe Software oriented.

Thank you. That was interesting.


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