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Drop shadows in PDF different from preview

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If by script you mean a python script I used one or two in the process of creating the document (the previous document I sent in my other post was created by deleting and changing stuff from the actual document), but I just created a completely new one from scratch and I have the same issues.

The old document contained a bunch of render frames with LaTex stuff, so maybe that is where that error was coming from, in this one I did not add any LaTex stuff.

--- Quote from: AdmFubar on July 08, 2022, 05:36:56 am ---There is something odd about your document. Strange error message regarding TeX.I tried making a similar document from scratch without this issue.           

--- End quote ---

Was your document also A0 in size with boxes covering most of the document? I am fairly certain that this is about the absolute size of the box whose shadow is drawn as I can fill up an A4 document with differently sized boxes and the shadows look exactly the same.

Also, I might be able to finish my project by exporting to an image file (and I might have to if this is indeed a bug without a workaround), but I still appreciate your help and would love to know if there is anything I can do to resolve the issue in the PDF export.

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Played with this for a few hours testing various sizes of the objects. There seems to be a limit of the size that an object can be for the shadowing to work. it also seems to be an issue with page size as well.As for a work around you will have to make a shadow the old fashioned way. put a darker colored shape underneath that is offset.  :)

Ok thanks for trying. I just filed a bug report as I couldn't find that a similar issue was already reported.


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