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With a little help from your post I was able to view the PDF correctly.

In Acrobat Reader go to View>Page Display then click on "Show Cover page in Two Page View".....Acrobat immediately positioned the pages correctly....see attachments

I guess my only question is when it comes time to send the PDF to the publisher do I Export from Scribus then export again from Adobe? Seems like that should work in any case.

Thanks so very much for getting me thru this

Jim   :)

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euh, no, it does not work that way : - )

just send the pdf to the printer and tell them to print in the format you want.

if you send only one pdf for a book, they cannot do otherwise than print the first page as the cover, on the "right side".
often, the print shops want one pdf for the front and back cover and one pdf for the content. in that case they will automatically take the first page as the left one. except if they do not print anything on the back of the cover, then it will be the left side again.

but, don't worry, the printer will tell you what they want... or you will have a way to tell them what you want.

normally, if it's a big printshop they will have a form in the web that will tell you exactly which steps to go through.
and if it's a small one, you will be able to talk to them and check that everything is right.

i hope that it's a bit clearer now...


Thanks......some of that I  had previously understood but you have cleared up a lot.

I really appreciate all your help


Jim  :)


Just a note...had this exact same issue, and was using my browser to view the PDF.   (which was a default so I didn't think about it)

Microsoft Edge  has a "Page View" setting.   If you set it to 'Two Page" and then set the switch "Show Cover Page Separately" to ON  (it is defaulted to 'Off')  you will see the document correctly.