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Pages scroll too quickly with Mac touchpad

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I installed Scribus to my iMac. I find that when I scroll vertically using my touchpad the scrolling is much too quick and its hard to control page scrolling. This is NOT happening in other applications on my iMac (like this form page in Firefox scrolls just fine). Thoughts? Suggestions? Is there any application tweaking I can do? Thanks

Same problem for decades over here. Seems macOS accelerates the cursor more than other operating systems.

Workaround: Use the arrow keys.

There might be an option. In Preferences/User Interface/Interactivity  tab, there is an option for  wheel jump, it would be worth a shot  to try adjusting that.


Thanks a ton @AdmFubar for this tip, it works like a charm…

I always looked for »mouse speed«, but »wheel jump« didn't mean anything to me. Maybe the developers should change the option to »mouse wheel speed« — this would be more to the point.

prolly a carry over term before touch pads were in use.


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