Scribus PDF image overflow in Corel Draw

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I'm exporting a print ready children's book from Scribus into a PDF. My book has spreads i.e., Images that span two pages left and right. And when I view this file in Acrobat it looks like all is well, i have single pages with the left or right half of the image as i imagine.

Today I visited the printers who insisted on seeing the file in coreldraw before printing it and in there every page shows the entire image left and right portions and they have to painfully re adjust the image on the page.

I need the left half and right half cropped on the appropriate adjacent pages. What am I doing wrong during export. I tried clip to printer margins. But I am a bit worried, it's resizing the image.

How can I make the image appear right in corel draw. Any suggestions would be super helpful.

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hi moonlitnook

scribus doesn't clip the images. but for print files there is no need to do so.

how did you place your images? are the image frames overlapping?
could you provide an .sla test file? (one double-side spread with a placeholder image would do...)

btw. corel draw is not the ultimate .pdf reference tool...



The .sla is just two adjacent pages that the image is spread across.
I understand that corel is not the ideal way to view the pdf. But the image overflows in it is a bit of a bother. Infact i can't see why this chap who will print the file won't directly print from the pdf.

Earlier today i found this.

Seeing if it will help me.
But it would be really helpful if scribus cropped half the image to the single page size during export to PDF.


Okay, that py script doesn't help.

But turns out if export the pdf with bleed marks the single pages are nicely cropped.

This works for now.
Thanks for the response!


i still can't see your problem the part of the image outside of the image frame doesn't show in the .pdf file and doesn't print...




I believe moonlitnook is talking about the center gutter between the two pages and having them align correctly when printed, but I might be mistaken. That is what it looks like to me when I look at both of the samples.


There is no reason for the printer to open the file in corel draw unless they are wanting to make edits. Did they need to make any corrections?




I can't see any reason anyone would open a PDF in Corel Draw? To me that indicates that the print shop is not very professional.