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SVG imports as a black rectangle

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I'm trying to import an SVG file, but it comes up as a black rectangle.  Opens fine in Inkscape, and saves fine, as far as I can tell.  Can't find an instance of this problem in the forums.  Help?

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try "Drag and Drop" SVG onto you're page

I just did this and got black BG, then I ungrouped the SVH and removed the background :)

I don't want to remove the background -- the problem I have is that the entire thing imports as a black rectangle, like this: .  It might actually be dark purple, I'm not quite sure, but it's definitely not blue with white and gold stars, which is what it's supposed to be.  I can ungroup it and separate the stars from the background, but everything is the same black/blackish purple.  In Inkscape, it's blue with white and gold stars.

It's a cropped-out section of a larger original, which imported fine, but I only wanted to use the one section.  My current "fix" is to save it as a pdf and import that, but that rasterizes the graphics, which becomes visible when blown up to a three-foot-wide banner.

I'm wondering if scribus is misreading the background layer's position and placing it in front of all the other layers.


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