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the pdf for the online Printshop (for a photobook) needs to have the first page as cover twice as great  as a normal page + spine and bleeding. So I only want to change the size of the first page accordingly.
There are methods on the page object getPageSize but not setPageSize. How can I set the dimension of one page only? I do it in scripter, because I want to automate the process of book creation.
 Any hints are wellcome
I use scribus 1.55   

Health and Peace

Make it a separate file, you could do Back page, Spine, and cover as one page or two if you are doing text on inside of cover

Thanks for this hint. The print provider ( wants one pdf file. Is it then possible to concatinate the two pdfs (content and cover) to one pdf ?

wonder if doing the entire book as a two-page spread (not sure proper name for that) say your book is 8x10 you would make pages 16x10 with your first and last page on your first page (printer spread), not sure about combining pDF's of differant sizes

hi erhard

i just took a look at the instructions from ''.
you should:

* set up your file in a 'single page' layout with your standard page size
* select the first page and go to 'page' → 'manage page properties'
* change the width of the first page
* fill in the content of your book (but keep the second and the last page empty!)this is a really strange workflow, but they like it this way. (i would consider changing the provider…)



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