Which is the best color set for beginners?

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I am wondering which would be the best colour set for beginner use? Basic colours are not enough so I have to import some of colour sets.
Which one would you use first?

Thanks in advance!


hi lib

imho there is no 'best color set for beginners'.
my standard is a reduced 'scribus basic'. i removed the cool, rich and warm black.
but i have different document templates with my standard settings for my usual documents. those settings include colors i generated for my own needs.
i don't like to select a color by scrolling through hundreds of them. (that would be the case if i would import color sets to meet al my needs...)
with 'edit' → 'colors and fills' → 'add' you can generate single colors and 'extras' → 'color wheel' lets you generate different (more or less) harmonic color schemes. just play a bit with this tool...



Hey lib,

I use


but there are plenty of other websites that are similar. I use these to create my own color sets for each project. Small learning curve but easy enough.