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I am trying to put a pdf image in an image frame, and it only shows the file name. I've read the discussions on this, and it is mentioned that a location has been moved. This is an original placement, not one that has disappeared, and the file itself is not corrupted. I've started over with a new document, renamed the document to not have any spaces, and restarted the program. Nothing seems to make any difference.
I did this last week without any problems. Any ideas what the issue is?

Hiya QuilterChic,

I have had a few issues with the newer 1.7+ pdf versions or a couple that were made from InDesign. I usually downsave the files to 1.5/1.6, but I do have access to Acrobat Pro to do this. I would recommend converting the pdf files to a high res image file such as jpg or tif if is only a couple of pages. Just some ideas.



Just to make sure did you check to see if the image preview setting is set to visible?Right click the image and in the pop up menu select the Preview Image, in the next pop up will have 3 options fist is Image Visible, it should be checked to see it.

Thank you. I'll try the jpg format. I wondered if that might make a difference, but didn't try.


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