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Facing pages with page size images


We've created a high school yearbook in Scribus 1.5.8.
It consists of facing pages of size A4 with 3mm bleed.
A couple of pages hold a photo that covers the full A4 page area plus the 3mm bleed.
In the generated PDF, the one page properly holds the oversized photograph.
But the opposite (facing) page receives a copy of the same large photograph of which a 3mm wide ribbon is along the side of the page and the rest is off the page.

See screencapture with the small 3mm wide ribbon on the right page.

I have not been able to prevent this or to remove these ghost image with other tools such as Inkscape of Affinity Designer.

hi stephan

we had this before. and depending on the binding and on the page content it may be a bit complicated.
a look at this forum thread might help.



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