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Hello to all,
I have to send a document made with Scribus 1.5.8 to a printer.
The printer asks me to apply the ICC profile ISO_Coated_v2_300.icc everywhere. It is already the option chosen in the "Pre-press" tab and he also wants this profile in the "Color" tab.

Here is what he sent me:
"On Sribus, in the color tab, check "use the color profile for solid colors and images" and
Choose the ISO_Coated_v2_300.icc profile with a perceptual mode rendering intent.

But here's the thing, when I do that, the desired profile is not in the list.

What can I do?


I had to select a color profile for the same purpose this week. Mine didn't show up until I installed the profile in windows Color Management and then restarted. Then it was an option in my color tab. Different program though.


I've never checked in the »Couleurs unies« section when using PDF/X-3 or PDF/X-4. These are the settings I use and have used for more than a decade and which produced perfect prints:

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Thank you for your answers.

In fact, what I was trying to do is impossible.
It's a bad knowledge of the software from my printer... who is used to Adobe, but not so much to free software.

the problem is that the PDF X-4 standard keeps the profiles of each embedded image, so if an image is RGB it will stay that way, unlike the X-1a standard which only tolerates CMYK and therefore will convert RGB images automatically.

I found the solution:
The X-4 handles transparency, but I don't need it, so I'm checking with the printer if we can just use a PDF/X-1a file instead of the X-4.
Otherwise, I want to keep the PDF/X-4, I have to convert all my images in CMYK before the integration in Scribus ...

I learned a lot about PDFs with this story !  :D

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What you describe as a problem of the PDF/X-4 standard is in fact an elegant way to transport data to the printer:

The embedded RGB images keep the profiles (if specified in the »Preferences«), so that the RIP (Raster Image Processor) of the printer converts the image perfectly to the specifications of the printer into CMYK, including the color profile. The advantage is that the result matches much better to the printer specs and requirements than any other software can do.

There is no need to convert any RGB image to CMYK for PDF/X-4 — that is why this standard and process had been developed.

Just make sure you tick the option in the »Document Setup«:

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This is a problem for me because the printer does not know Scribus.
However, it is indeed a good option.


Rest assured: Scribus generates the cleanest PDF files on the market. What counts is the PDF, not the software you have used to generate the PDF.

If the printer looks into the header of the PDF, he will miss the word »Adobe«, which shouldn't concern him at all, because his job is to send the PDF file to the RIP and not to analyze it.