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Black background colour

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You need to add a new layer for the background and give it a black fill.

Make the rectangle as large as you need. Example: Your page size is 210 x 100 mm, and you have 3 mm bleed on all sides. Then the rectangle must have the size of 216 x 106 mm and positioned at -3 (x) and -3 (y). Make sure that the layer will be printed (check box in the layer)

Image with border: Activate snapping. Select the image layer. Draw a rectangle onto the image. Set the outline color and size. Then modify the size of the rectangle without locking the aspect ratio and add 8 mm in the x and 8 mm in the y direction.

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Thanks for your reply

Sorry but as previously mentioned I am new to Scribus and an "old timer".

How do I draw the rectangle? with the shapes button?  I tried that and the image disappeared.  By the ways I need to put an outline around 100 images so have i got to do this 100 times??  And the same as the adding a layer to create the black background.  Do I have to do that 100 times.?  Surely as in other DTP software you should be able to do that for all pages with one click

Sorry for my ignorance with Scribus.  And there was me thinking I had done a great job making a 100 page book only to fall down at the export phase.

Kind regards

Yes, with the shapes button, by selecting the rectangle. If you activate the snapping, the drawing tool will snap to guides, objects and grid.

The image disappeared because you have a white fill for the rectangle. Just change the »Color« to »None« in the »Properties«, and set the line to black (or any other color which you have to define first in the -> Menu -> Colors and fills -> CMYK.

For the background, you can draw a rectangle and fill it with black, then convert it into a master page which you have to apply to all pages. Or you can copy the first background on its own layer and paste it at the same layer on all pages. It is simple and fast.

Image frames: If the images have different sizes, there is no way around drawing a rectangle around each image. You can speed it up by copying a rectangle and modifying the size for each image.

I don't know of any other software where you can add frames for all images with one single click. Remember: Book design and printing is not a »point 'n click« task. Book design and making is a sophisticated task which requires a lot of training, expertise and experience. Forget the »YouTube University« where everything is finished in 3 minutes. It is not a coincidence that book designers, typesetters, book printers and book binders are old professions which require (at least in Europe) a 3-year training for the first level, and a 10-year training, expertise and experience before you can apply for a master exam and title — separate for each of the mentioned professions.

Just because there is a software, and you know how to operate it, it does not mean that you know what you really should do before you even start your computer.

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Thanks for your help.  So nice to get such great support.

I can now change the fill to black for all pages Great!!

But I have tried and tried to give the images an outline colour.  I used the shape tool and drew the outline.  I changed the colour to none but then in the line properties box it will not allow me to give it an outline colour.  I am struggling to do this.  I tried snapping but it did not seem to do anything.  It's a big learning curve.

Any further help with your already generous comments would be appreciated.



I maybe confused the issue by saying you could add a border to the images with one click.  I meant to add a page fill colour with one click which you already taught me.



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