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Hello.  I am new here and hope someone could help.

I have created a 100 page book.  It was quite easy even though I am an old timer at 70 years!! so please be gentle with any comments.

I looked for some info in the search box but could not find.  I imagine my issue is something to do with the Scribus terminology.

When I export the book to PDF the black background in my book is shown as white in the PDF.  Please can someone help me and advise what I need to change to export to PDF with black background.  (works fine in Microsoft publisher) Also I need to show the cut and bleed marks.  They are there when the white PDF is opened, but I imagine I need to again change something if black background is used for all pages.  What is the terminology for changing background to black for PDF export and also the cut and bleed marks to be shown on a black background.

Thanks for taking time to read this.

I hope you can understand.  Help would be really appreciated.

Regards Steve

hi steve

how did you generate your black background?
it never happened to me that a rectangle disappeared while exporting to .pdf – unless the export of the object was disabled in the 'general' tab of 'properties'.

…and scribus places the crop and bleed marks outside of the bleed area. the background can't cover them – even if you made it larger than necessary, scribus will crop it to the bleed box.

if you can't solve your problem, you can show me an .sla file. (a small test file or just one or two pages of your biggie – i don't need 100 pages…)


For some reason I cannot reply with information??

If you use the »Reply« button below the post, you can add attachments, etc.

If you use the »Quick Reply«, you can only write some text. It's a bit confusing…


Sorry for late reply.  Thanks for reading it.
I attach a few examples.  The first is how it looks onscreen.  The second is how it looks output to PDF.  I used the fill option to change the white to black on my project. 
Perhaps that is not correct.  How do I change white background to black for PDF export.

Please can I also ask.  How can I put a 4mm border around the image. What is the terminology in scribus for doing that.

Thanks once again.

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