Copy existing page but have distinct layers.

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I copied a page in my "sla". However when I remove a layer it appears to remove the layer on both the copied page and on the original. I wish to have "distinct layers" for the copied page so that I can edit them independently. What am I doing wrong, or how do I achieve this?


Layers are document wide, which makes sense (at least to me). As far as I know (I may be wrong) there is no layout software where you can assign different layers to different pages.


For my use case working with layers is a difficult pain. I have content from an sla that I want to divide between two pages in the same sla. So naturally I want to copy the existing page. But I want the copied page to have different layer names so I can edit them independently. I am not sure what value a copied page has if you cannot edit the layers between the pages independently.


The OBJECTS on the copied page can of course be edited independently.

And then you can of course create new layers and move those object to these new layers. I am not sure if Scribus has a "move to layer" function, but selecting, cutting, changing layer and pasting back should work.


Select an object -> right click -> send to layer X

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