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How to keep image size manageable whilst maintaining appropriate resolution

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This is most probably a very "rookie" question, however my opinion is that it's better to ask than to stay ignorant even if the question is very elementary.

When importing images into your Scribus document like for example digital photo's or scans you usually resize them within Scribus to suit the lay-out of your page. When simply resizing the image the source file keeps its properties, yet that will make the document size (unnecessarily) big.

When importing a digital photo with an original file size of 5.4 Mb (resolution 450 DPI) and resizing it to frame of 200 pixels wide by 364 pixels high, the size of the photo remains the 5.4 Mb it originally is for the Scribus document. In order to keep your document size manageable you would want the file size to more or less correlate to the image size used in the document without touching the original resolution to keep quality during printing high.

How do you tackle this issue? Rescaling the original digital photo to the size you want in your Scribus document is of course an option, but if you later want to enlarge the size again in your document you will get quality loss, since you modified the size of your original photo.

Thanks in advance for any reply, Ronald

Once the image is ready in Scribus you can then Export it at that size, format and set the DPI as desired

Oops the export for mage is only full-page, sorry about that

I recently (end of last year) had issues that the PDF files I supplied to the printer were irrationally big and causing computer crashes and invisible images in Scribus itself. I split the file into three separate documents which resolved the issue of the images not being visible in Scribus, but still resulted into immensely big files. The problem must be that I imported files and then scaled them but that doesn't change the file size. There must be some intelligent option I assume that resolves this issue.

When you create a document with quite a large number of photo's/scans you quickly run into such issues. In case there is no intelligent way to do this, what is the workaround?

If I recall correct there is an option in the PDF export to downsample images that are above a maximum DPI?


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