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Hypenation not working - dictionaries lost



I recently changed my computer's OS to Debian 11, and re-installed Scribus (1.5.6 apparantely).
All well except hypenation -- it's simply not working. I work with the Finnish language, I have downloaded everything related (Voikko) to the computer.
But it seems I don't have ANY hypenation dictionaries in /usr/share/scribus -folder. None, not even English.

Where can I download them or is there another way to make this work? I often work with long texts so I simply can not hypenate everything by hand.

In macOS the hyphenation dictionaries are located in the Scribus application container.

However, I tried to use the hyphenation for a 30 page document and had to confirm or modify all instances, which is a no-go for me. There was no difference between the English and German version, it forced me to »ok« every single word.

I just copy the hyphenation dictionaries from LibreOffice and put them in the usr>share>scribus>dicts>hyph.

If one version of Scribus does not have Dicts and Hyph folders (like, Scribus 1.5.7), you'll need to create these two folders.


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