INSTALLATION ghostscript needs explaining on the download page

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Hello I've come back to explore Scribus again after realising that colours were not printing too well using inkscape or Gimp

I'd like to say During download, it wasn't very clear that Ghostscript

needs to be installed first on windows before you instal Scribus.

There really could be a link surely,? Preferably from the main download pages, to highlight this

it would save us newbies or oldbies in my case, an awful lot of time and ensure you get all the users who might otherwise have given up at this first hurdle

with love and many thanks for sharing scribus


It doesn't have to, it can be installed afterwards. But then you will have to manually set the path to Ghostscript in the settings.

If Ghostscript is already installed when installing Scribus the installer will detect this and set the path automatically.