Scribus thinks I have content with two fonts that are not being used at all

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I'm experiencing an issue which is affecting PDF generation and font embedding.

Scribus thinks I have two fonts being used in my document which are actually nowhere to be seen or used. I have double and triple checked all the content. The fonts preview widget has the correct information, but the "Fonts" widget under "Document Setup" is incorrect.

I'm trying to use IngramSpark (please don't tell me not to use them; I've read a lot about it on the internet already), and they're giving me an error about glyphs, which I think is related to fonts and lack of embedding or some other corruption. I'm not using any special characters in my text and it's in US English.

Any suggestions? Seems like a bug to me. See attached screenshots.


This is a know issue with Scribus, it does not matter if there is text using the font or not, it is most likely set as the default font for a text frame.


You can fix it with these steps:

Select the text frame with the standard cursor, or select the text itself with the text cursor and the press »CMD+A« (macOS) or »CTRL+A« (PC) to select ALL text in connected text frames

Go to -> Menu -> Windows -> Content Properties or just hit the »F3« key

Select your font, select next text frame, etc.

With this trick, I managed to eliminate the »default font« during the PDF generation


If I recall correct the issue when I experienced this was that the font was selected as default font for text frames under Tools in the Document setup.

So that is where I would check first, Document setup, Item tools, Text tab.

Next check properties (F3) for the text frame and see what font is set for the text frame (Text subsection).