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Character styles, margins & guides, and find/replace & story editor

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Hi there,

I’m pretty new to Scribus and have a few questions I was hoping I could get answered.

1 - It seems I can’t apply character styles in story editor, but need to do this in the text frame itself by highlighting and using the ‘text properties’ window each time. I have… many paragraphs where I need to bold the words up to and including a colon, and this is looking pretty painful. I hoped I could do it once, select the next bit of text, and use ‘redo’, but that doesn’t work; and I don’t see a format painter that would let me copy the style and apply it to the next selection. Am I missing an easier way to do this?

2 - I have vertical guides just outside my left & right margins (0.12 cm), but it seems impossible to get objects to snap to these guides unless I move them much further away from the margins. (edit: I thought I should add that I do have 'snap to guides' enabled, and not 'snap to grid' or 'snap to items')

3 - I tried using find/replace in Story Editor to replace text, but can’t see how to ‘save’ this; when I click ‘close’ on the find/replace window, it also closes Story Editor, and the changes aren’t applied to the text I had been editing.

Am I missing something for 2 or 3, or are these bugs I should raise?


(edit: I'm on Scribus 1.5.8 for macOS)

1) In the drop down menus, in Edit you will find the Style manager. also available by pressing F4.
2) you may need to adjust the snap distance for the guides. check from the file menu  preferences, in the prefs dialog look for Guides, about the sixth entry down the list. you may need to make an adjustment there.
3) In the story editor there are a set of icons  below the main menu. the page icon with the dog ear, (it is to the left of the magnifying glass) is the update text frame. You Will also find this in the Edit menu.. or you can press Ctrl+U

Thanks for the first two, I'll give them a try.

But for the third, the find and replace window is modal; I can see the changes being made in Story Editor as I go through finding and replacing, but I can't interact with the Story Editor window while the find and replace window is open. And clicking 'close' on the find and replace window closes the Story Editor window, too, so I'm never given the chance to click that button. I'll give ctrl-u and the edit menu a try, but if they're from the Story Editor window, I'm guessing they'll be locked to me, too.


1 - I may be misunderstanding your suggestion, but that seems to just take me to the style editor. I know how to create styles and have already created the character style I want to apply. The issue is that it seems pretty tedious to apply the same character style to many instances and I was thinking there must be a better way than selecting the text and changing the value in the character style picklist each time.

2 - I adjusted these down to 1px and unfortunately makes no difference. The margin seems to have stronger 'snap' than the guide.

3 - I couldn't do ctrl-u in Story Editor, but I was mistaken when I said closing find/replace closes Story Editor. It doesn't close it, but it does move it behind the main Scribus window! So it only appeared to close.  :D

And update on 2 - aApparently I can get the object to snap to the guide rather than the margin--I just need to set zoom to at least 200%.

So just issue 1 left!

I've been trying Scribus alongside Pages before I decide which to use going forward, and found Pages has copy style and paste style commands that do this nicely:

1) click into a word that has the character style applied
2) press keyboard shortcut for Copy Style
3) select text I want to apply the style to
4) press keyboard shortcut for Paste Style -- character style is now applied to that text
5) repeat 3 and 4 till done

So much nicer than using the text properties window when needing to apply a character style to many selections.

It looks like this is also possible in InDesign and Publisher, but I'm not finding something similar in Scribus. Is it there and I'm missing it, or is this one that would be good to request as a new feature?

It's been a while since I used Scribus but a very common issue I have experienced with other programs is that snapping occurs at the other side of the shape.

For example when trying to snap the left edge of a frame to a guide on the left side, it snaps "harder" on the right side of the frame.

Resizing the frame (making it smaller) is my "to go" solution, then once the left side has snapped I can resize the fram back (or resize it by snapping the right side to a guide).


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