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Hello friends, im new here and work wih scribus for the last two month and have already learned a lot but i came accross something i could not figure out yet and my research didnt give me any answeer either.

I would like to write a text and have a real outline (like shown in my attached pic) I found the option in the properties to do it with outline. But the outline does not actually wrap around the text but moves inside the text if i increase the %.

Any idea how i could do that?

Make make some text and duplicate the text column. Select the lower text column to be the background then, in the text properties dialog there is a option to outline text. click and hold to get a popup to adjust the outline thickness, when this option is selected the text color properties for the outline will be active and you can adjust the color. then center the two boxes on themselves. the one you did the outline text should be under the unmodified text, and will have a nice outline to it.

you may want to look here also. This was just developed for GIMP


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