Font Not Displaying Properly in Scribus

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Hi to everyone,

I have a TTF font that has "font smoothing" and "clear type" both turned off. When I use this font in Microsoft Word, all of the edges are jagged. Because of the setting inside the TTF, Word does not blend the font into the page background. So Word is displaying the font properly. But when I use this same font in Scribus, for some reason Scribus is blending the font into the page background and making the edges smooth. Therefore Scribus is somehow overriding the TTF setting.

Here is a screenshot of two fonts displayed in Microsoft Word:

blue font: Times New Roman with "font smoothing" turned on in the TTF
red font: Times New Roman with "font smoothing" turned off in the TTF

Here are screenshots of the Microsoft Word screen zoomed in, together with a screenshot of the gasp hinting control box in the font editor program that I use:

Below are screenshots of how the red font looks in Scribus:

As you can see, Scribus is applying smoothing to the font, but it should not be. Is there a way to stop Scribus from overriding the TTF setting?

Thanks very much for your help,



What you see is the screen display. How does the font look in the final (pre press) PDF?

I guess you don't want to have jagged fonts in your print, so the font in the PDF should be smooth as silk.


When exported as a PDF the text is smooth. But I need to export as an image. Here is a Scribus BMP image export, quality 100%, size 100%, 288 dpi:

Scribus is applying font smoothing to the image export, even though all smoothing is turned off in the TTF. Would it be possible to stop Scribus from applying its own font smoothing and go by the TTF setting?




No, because every serious designer and pre-press jerk wants the best output for his/her PDF files.