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Several instances of the same object.

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I'm thinking about making a playing cards. I want several cards at my page and I want all of them look the same. Obviously if i'm about to change some details in single card, I want it to be automatically updated in all cards.

In other words: is it possible to create several INSTANCES of THE SAME object, so when I change it at one place it automatically change everywhere?

I could also have my card template as master page and just add new cards as new pages, but that will make printing it impossible, right?

Best regards

            x              (x)                    The object would have to be external to your document, such as a image or say a pdf that is placed on the master/template.The external file would be updated to make the change occur across your document(s).


Now the question is: can I use other Scribus file as this "external file" ?

Please, anybody can help me with that?

No, however if you use scribus to to make a pdf that is then used to as the external source that might work. would have to try it and see if the pdf import is done every time to open the sla file if it reloads the pdf. however this method seems a bit cumbersome to work with. If you can give a better example of that you are putting into a document and what you want to change per eash document that may give us a better idea of how to proceed.


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