Collaboration of multiple users on same SLA file

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Is somebody use Scribus in collaborative mode - e.g. more than one users work together to make single SLA Scribus document. For example, 200 pages magazine should be made and there are 5 designers who will contribute each with cca 40 pages.
What would be the best organization to do this:
- Each work on his own SLA file and at the end somehow import pages into single SLA final file?
- Share same SLA file on file system or some other document versioning platform (is it even possible)?
- Somehow merging multiple SLA files?
- Any other option?

Thanks in advance for your tips!


hi lib

when i did something like that i always defined the master pages, colors, character and paragraph stiles in a template and shared this with the whole team.
later i imported the pages to my part and exported the .pdf file.



You may also want them to use the "Collect for Output" option in the File menu. This will gather up all the relevant data they  are working with and put into single directory. This may work nicely for this type of project. You will have all the needed files in one place for each user.
Using Scribus 1.6.1, openSUSE 15.6
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