Disjointed View 1.5.8

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I regularly experience a, how can I say? Disjointed view when working with Scribus 1.5.8. I have screen shots don't know how to upload them onto this message. If someone can tell me how I'd be happy to share.

Essentially the text or guidelines will be disjointed. When I click on that area with the mouse they re-figure but the disjoint often moves to a different area of the document.

Is this something to do with Scribus or is it my computer?

The problems are not there when I export the document. It is just when working with it in Scribus.

This is not a major issue but it does make me wonder about the stability of the program.

Any advice very welcome.


I heard a lot of complaints against Scribus, but never this one you described. You better make sure your computer is alright.