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I am migrating from PageStream (Amiga, then Linux)  and see Scribus is capable and needed a generic Calendar Generator.
I found the Scripts Calendar creates with Image Frame or without but the days only occupied half of a landscape page.

I modified and put notes in the top.

I copied, edited, and renamed to suffix with initials.
Then as root put a copy into /usr/share/scribus/scripts

This one is NOT intended to support an Image Frame.

Run the script, Select language, Classic, Starting Day, UNCHECK Draw Image Frame, and select the Month.

Then I select Landscape for page orientation.
If you select Portrait, you will need to make the Days Font smaller, by editing the Master Page, and changing each cell.

If anyone finds this useful, and needs Portrait generation on a recurring basis, I can make the font size conditional on the Master Page generation.

Any complex script generator has limitations and will not address every use case.

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Looks great, I came from Pagestream (Amiga) also, still have to use the Linux version now and then, been hoping for an import filter forever :)


I think PageStream is nearly unchanged for 25 years but is still an incredibly powerful DTP. I am not a professional, and only create a Monthly family calendar. So starting with a blank sheet then inserting text and smaller graphics for reminders and celebrations is entertaining and no two are ever the same.
Seeing that the original script in Scribus provided a good starting point, this is a tweak.
I broke some things, but it does provide a good starting Landscape document.