Justified text not flush with frame on both sides

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There is a gap between my text and the end of the frame (cf. the attached screenshot) despite the fact that the text is justified. I don't want to change the optical margins, that is not the issue. The problem is that when I try to make a right tab stop, the after the tab goes to the next line, which makes sense given that the text doesn't actually fit the frame properly. Can anyone think of why this would happen? It doesn't seem to be due to the font I am using (I tried with a different font and the gap was still there). There is hardly a gap at all on the left side.


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The reason is the font metrix, that means the definition of the font dimensions and spacing. So the effect in your screenshot is normal.

Sample 01: the character »r« of this font reaches further to the right, so other the »gap« makes sense.

Sample 02: the character of the capital »A« of this font reaches further to the left compared to others, so again it makes sense.

Sample 03: You can influence the appearance in the settings/options in »Text Properties«

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