Scribus won't open anymore,

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I've been using on Mac OS 10.13.6, High Sierra, and all has been fine but now when I try to open it it stops loading, the startup window says 'New Font fond, checking...' and it just stops there. I did recently embed a few fonts when I was exporting a PDF. Besides that, I don't know what went wrong. I've tried installing other version of it but it always stops opening with the same message. I have a very important deadline to make and need to get Scribus up and running again!
Any help is very much appreciated!


You might open »Fontbook« (App) to check if the font is still available or activated.

You might start Scribus without opening a document and go to Preferences -> Fonts -> and check, if the font is available (see screenshot)

You might have to tell Scribus where your additional fonts are located, that means the user fonts. They are usually stored in /Users/User/Library/Fonts.

In worst case, you might restart your Mac. This will empty the temporary cache and Scribus will read the installed font list again.

If it is even worse, you can uninstall Scribus with »AppCleaner.App« (, restart your Mac and reinstall Scribus.

Hope this helps.

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